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In most courses, we will use the Rivstart materials, both the textbook and the workbook. In addition to this, the material also gives access to audio materials and interactive exercises comprising grammar and vocabulary.


Depending on what languages you alread know and which type of course you are looking for, we may for instance use the series "Great!" from Hueber or "Market Leader" from Pearson.

Regular English course:

Business English course:

Other resources for our lessons and homework

We will also make use of internet resources such as the British Council´s online materials and the Swedish National Broadcasting Service SVT and their online news programs in easy Swedish, available with or without subtitles, and SR, the Swedish National Radio Service, with news in easy Swedish also being provided with full transcripts.

Depending on your level, newspaper articles from Dagens Nyheter or Svenska Dagbladet and other publications may be used. Here are some Swedish news sites at different levels: 

Here is also a great online picture dictionary:;themes=1;  (nouns);themes=2; (verbs, explained with film clips)

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Rivstart third edition
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